Family Photos

Brian Paul Kaess in Chicago in 1995.

Brian Paul Kaess & Mayte Urbina Pereda Wedding 2000

Brian Paul Kaess & Mayte Urbina Pereda on their Wedding Day in Chicago on July 27, 2000.

Brian & Mayte Wedding

Brian Paul Kaess & Mayte Urbina Pereda on their wedding day on July 27, 2000, in Daley Plaza, Chicago.

Brian & Mayte's Wedding in Chicago.

From L-R, Angelica Urbina Pereda, Mayte Urbina Pereda, & Brian Paul Kaess at Brian & Mayte's Wedding at Daley Plaza in Chicago on July 27, 2000.

Erlin, Mayte, & Brian

From L-R, Erlin (Mayte's Cousin), Mayte Urbina Pereda, & Brian Paul Kaess, at Brian & Mayte's wedding at Daley Plaza, Chicago, on July 27, 2000.

Mayte Urbina Pereda & Family 1995

Mayte Urbina Pereda, circa 1995, and Family. She is in the Center and her mom Maria Luisa Pereda Gilleon, is on the far Left.

Paul Jesus Kaess

Paul Jesus Kaess in Parque Guadiana in Durango, Mexico, on abt 2010.

Paul Jesus Kaess near Foster Beach, Chicago

Paul Jesus Kaess near Foster Beach, Chicago, circa 2005.

Paul & Regina

Paul Jesus Kaess and his 1st Cousin Regina Lara Urbina in Mexico abt 2011.

Mayte & Baby Paul

Mayte Urbina Kaess & baby Paul Jesus Kaess abt 2002 in Chicago.

Angelica & Paul at Navy Pier

Angelica Urbina Pereda & her Nephew Paul Jesus Kaess at Navy Pier, Chicago, on abt 2003.

Brian & Paul in Mazatlan

From L-R, Paul Jesus Kaess & his Father Brian Paul Kaess in Mazatlan, Mexico, abt 2008.

Brian in Mazatlan

Brian Paul Kaess in Mazatlan, Mexico, in 2013.

Colegio Rex Graduation Party

Mayte Urbina Kaess and Paul Jesus Kaess at Colegio Rex middle school Graduation Party in 2017.

Paul and Schoolmates

Paul Jesus Kaess and schoolmates at Colegio Rex, circa 2017. Paul is 2nd from Left. Fanny is 3rd from Left.

Paul & Schoolmates

Paul Jesus Kaess & Schoolmates at Colegio Rex, 2017. Paul is 5th from right.

Paul & Mayte

Paul Jesus Kaess & Mayte Urbina Kaess, circa 2015.

Paul at High School Graduation

Paul Jesus Kaess at High School Graduation from Colegio Rex in Durango, Mexico in July 2020.

Brian in high school

Brian Paul Kaess Senior  graduation photo from Lane Tech H.S. 1985.

Brian at Lane Tech

Brian Paul Kaess in pg. 229 of the Lane Tech High School Yearbook of 1983. Lane is a high school in Chicago.

Brian in Durango, Mexico

Brian Paul Kaess in the Plaza de Armas in Durango, Mexico, abt 2008.

Brian & Mexican Saloon Gal

Brian Paul Kaess & Mexican Saloon Gal at Old West Show (Viejo Oeste) in Durango, Mexico, abt 2014.

Brian & Mexican Saloon Girls

Brian Paul Kaess & Mexican  Saloon Girls at the Old West Show (Viejo Oeste) in Durango, Mexico, abt 2017.

Paul & Fanny & Friends

Paul Jesus Kaess & Fanny & Friends having fun.

Paul Jesus Kaess

Paul Jesus Kaess in his Senior Year in high school in Mexico. 2019-2020.

Nicholas Todd Kaess

Nicholas Todd Kaess

Julieanne Kaess

Julieanne 'Juju' Kaess

Brian in Alps

Brian Paul Kaess in Alps near Salzburg, Austria in 1996.

Brian in South Korea

Brian Paul Kaess in Pusan, South Korea, in 1997.

Pet Dog Tommy

Tommy, our Pet Dog in Durango, Mexico, abt 2014.

Brian & Tommy

Brian Paul Kaess and his favorite dog Tommy in Durango, Mexico, circa 2014.

Brian & Nieve (Snow)

Brian Paul Kaess and the family kitten Nieve (Snow) in front of our family home in/near Fracc. Las Villas, Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada, Dgo., Mexico. Dec 2020

Brian at the Palmer House

Brian Paul Kaess at the Palmer House Chicago, circa 2004.

Garret in Chicago

Garret Thomas Kaess in Chicago in abt 1984. This photo was taken in the living room of the house at 1629 W. Hollywood Ave., Chicago, IL, 60660.

Garret & Paul

From L-R. Garret Thomas Kaess with his Nephew Paul Jesus Kaess in Cesar Urbina's apt. in Chicago on abt 2006.

Garret Kaess in Noblesville

Garret Thomas Kaess in Noblesville, Indiana, circa 2006.

Elsa and Judy at Elsa's home

From L-R, Elsa Kulhanek Burmas and Judy Urbina Pereda at Elsa's home in Oak Lawn, IL, circa 2006.

Kaess/Bruttel Family in Germany

From L-R, Nadja Vogel, Ursula 'Uschi' Kaess Bruttel, Xenia Barschneider.

Kaess/Bruttel Family

From L-R, Markus Bruttel, Xenia Barschneider, Arnhild Kaess, Nadja Vogel, Francesco Monaco, in Germany circa 2017.

Melanie Dorschke

Melanie Dorschke, circa 2015.

Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess

Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess  in Germany in abt 1957

Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess

Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess in Germany in 1965, before he left for America.

Marie Ellen Dawson

Marie Ellen Dawson as a young girl.

Margaret Jane Swartz Langley

Margaret Jane Swartz Langley, in her family home in Chicago, circa 1984. She was a Maternal Grandmother to Brian Paul Kaess and Garret Thomas Kaess.

Norman Allen Langley

Norman Allen Langley, circa 1960's. He was a Step Grandfather to Brian Paul Kaess and Garret Thomas Kaess.

Dorothea Dorschke

Dorothea Dorschke, Paternal Grandmother to Brian Paul Kaess.

Kaess Family in Germany, 1951

From L-R, Dorothea Dorschke Kaess, Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess, & Paul Ernst Kaess. This photo was likely taken in SW Germany in circa 1951. Dorothea  and Paul  were Paternal Grandparents to Brian Paul Kaess. Gerd is a Father to Brian Paul Kaess.

Nadja Vogel Baptism

Nadja Vogel Baptism, circa 1988, in Germany. Paul Ernst Kaess (far left), Hildegard Kaess (2nd from left), Achim Vogel (5th from left), Ursula Kaess (6th from left), Arnhild Kaess (7th from left). Nadja Vogel (baby 3rd from right).

Stromsky Family Wedding

Stromsky Family Wedding in Freiberg am Neckar, Germany, on Oct 9 2020. From L-R, Sister Suzanne, Dad Eugen Entenmann, Sandy (Bride), Robin (Groom & Beate's Son), Mother Inge, Beate Stromsky Entenmann, Ronja (Beate's daughter). Beate is a 5th Cousin or so to Brian Paul Kaess and lives in Freiberg am Neckar, Germany.

Kaess/Urbina Family

Kaess/Urbina Family in San Jose de Ramos, Dgo., Mexico, abt 2007. From L-R, Brian Paul Kaess, Angelica Urbina Lara, Judy Urbina Pereda, Lower L-R, Paul Jesus Kaess, Regina Lara Urbina.

Urbina/Hernandez/Monarrez Family

Urbina/Hernandez/Monarrez Family in Mexico abt 2007. Top Row L-R, Marisol Urbina Pereda, Mayte Urbina Kaess, Macrena, Azucena Martinez Urbina, Bottom Row L-R, Leonila Barra Monarrez, Paola Cervantes, Paul Jesus Kaess, Juanito.