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LCpl. Brian Paul Kaess

LCpl. Brian Paul Kaess in Cuba

LCpl. Brian Paul Kaess in Cuba in 1997.

On the 81mm Mortar in Cuba

LCpl. Brian 'Chaos' Kaess on the 81mm Mortar in Cuba. 1998.

On the Beach in Cuba

LCpl. Brian Paul Kaess in Cuba, 1998.

Mike Company, U.S. Marines

Mike Company, MCRD San Diego, 1997.

Mortarman Certfificate

Mortarman Certificate, U.S: Marines, 1997

Honorable Discharge

Honorable Discharge, U.S. Marines, 1998

Airborne Course

Airborne Course Certificate, 1986.

Brian in the Army

Pfc. Brian Paul Kaess in the U.S. Army, on leave in Chicago in Dec 1986. This photo was taken in the living room of 1629 W. Hollywood Ave., Chicago, IL, 60660.

Screenshot of Brian in the U.S. Army

Pvt. Brian Paul Kaess in the U.S: Army during 1986.

Army Achievement Medal awarded to Brian Paul Kaess

Army Achievement Medal awarded to Sp/4 Brian Paul Kaess in April 1988.

Front Cover of AAM Box

French Trench Warfare Photo from WWI

This photo of French Trench Warfare was provided by Margaret Jane Swartz Langley and handed down in the family. Talmage Edward Dawson was believed to be in this photo. Jonathan Casey, an expert on military photos at the National WWI Museum, said, "The photo is of early war French artillery with French artillerymen so I don't see how your grandfather would be in the photo. We have photos with similar subjects." Still, the photo remains an interesting hand me down from Talmage Edward Dawson.